Depending on the report, Gov. Chris Christie is either still being considered a contender for Donald Trump's vice presidential nominee — being asked to perform "Apprentice"-like tasks along other possible veeps until only one remains — or already taking a back seat to other candidates for the job.

The New York Times reported that Christie, who has been vacationing in Italy this past week, will join Trump in Miami for two events: a lunch with Latino leaders in Miami's Little Havana section and later at a speech called "Succeeding Together" at a hotel near Miami's airport.

Trump also appeared at a fundraiser for Christie in May, at the New Jersey National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville, that retired his presidential campaign debt.


The Times characterized the new appearances that as being among several "public tryouts" taking place this week.

Several potential running mates, including Senator Bob Corker and former House speaker Newt Gingrich, have also appeared with Trump at campaign events this week, according to the newspaper.

NJ Advance Media reported Gingrich is "the likely pick" to be on the Republican presidential ticket with Trump, citing sources close to the campaign. But the news site's source for the story added that given Trump's personality, "I doubt anyone really fully knows what he's going to do."

According to the source, Christie's lack of criticism of Trump may also work against him as a president also needs a vice president who can act as a "devil's advocate" at times.

Trump has also interviewed Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

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