For the uninitiated, THIS is something that my whole neighborhood looks forward to each year!

The Christmas Holiday season has officially arrived, when "Fed Ex Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" start "stringing up the lights!"

As I was jumping in my car to head into the station earlier this afternoon, I started to wonder...will I see FedEx Pat up on his roof as I drive by?

Thumbs UP, FedEx Pat! (Craig Allen photo).
Thumbs UP, FedEx Pat! (Craig Allen photo).

You bet!

It's tradition that even before the turkey leftovers appear, Fed Ex Pat puts up his display, taking advantage of the long holiday get it all done.

That's Sunday night, at the latest, Pat's display will be done.

Cornershow Bob will start his display (very soon)...and he will keep adding to it, right up til the big day...Christmas Day!

Two guys...two Christmas Display philosophies.

Each year, Pat and Jen come up with something new to year, it was the "shooting star."

This year?

We'll know by Sunday night!

Earlier this week, "Cornershow Ginni" was saying on social media that she and Bob have some "new ideas" in store!

JOY!! (Craig Allen photo).
JOY!! (Craig Allen photo).

Every year, I share the joy here at!

Stay tuned for "friendly competition" updates!

"Seasons Greetings" indeed!



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