Just before Christmas on Dec. 20, a man entered The Suit Store on Route 4 in Paramus with the intent of robbing the place.

He handed a bag to one of the store clerks and ask him to fill it with cash. After the clerk put some money in the man’s hand, he gave it some thought.

Apparently, the would-be robber said he had a gun. After noticing the man didn’t brandish any weapon, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Most law enforcement officials and storeowners alike would absolutely not recommend doing with the store clerk did next.

He grabbed a man by the arm and prevented him from leaving the store. In the process, he tackled a man to the ground until the authorities got there.

See the video from CBS2 New York below.

It gives hope to the rest of us that yes there are real men left here in New Jersey.

Not all of us are capable of doing what this guy did. After all, he is a trained MMA fighter.

According to CBS2 New York, his name is Sam Haobsh. Sam saw something that was wrong and said, "No! This is not happening while I’m here."

You may say the guy acted foolishly or the guy was being macho. But he was doing what most men would have done a generation or two ago. He saw something wrong happening and he stopped it. There are plenty people who would say “not nowadays." Human nature hasn’t changed much even though it seems the world around us has quite a bit.

What the store clerk did may seem insignificant or trivial, but it gives hope to the rest of us that yes there are real men left here in New Jersey.

No one got hurt except for the suspects who may have gotten a little scuffed up in a takedown. I’m not saying everyone, or anyone should do what the store clerk did, but it gave a lot of us hope to see it again “nowadays.”

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