JACKSON — Police have charged a teen driver with bias intimidation — alleging he deliberately swerved at two Jewish people after screaming obscenities at them.

Police said they responded Saturday to a a residence on Louisiana Parkway, and were told two Jewish residents had been standing near the curb in front of the home, when a passing vehicle swerved at time. "As the vehicle passed, the occupants of the vehicle were reported to have been yelling obscenities and insults in reference to their religion at the residents," police said in a press release about the incident.

The vehicle drove down the street, turned around and came back, swerving at the two a second time — with the occupants once again yelling obscenities and insults, police said. A nearby resident who observed the incident called police to report it, police said.

Police said in a press release Officer Stephen Cilento was able to identify the driver of the vehicle after being provided with the license plate. The teen was charged with harassment and bias intimidation, and the matter will be forwarded to the Family Court, police said.

Police didn't say in the information they released whether anyone else had been in the car and would be charged, but they said additional complaints could be signed as the investigation proceeds.

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