On Friday's show (our last live show of the year) we had our producer Joe Votruba and Dennis & Judi's producer Kylie Moore hanging out in the studio with us. Since Joe always says the only movie he knows well is Zoolander and is generally pretty awful at movie trivia, and since Kylie is more into Broadway, of course we had them compete against each other in a Christmas movie quiz.

To no one's surprise, Joe fell short. But he did far better than expected! He rallied and almost tied Kylie but fell one point short, 5 to 4. If you'd like to answer the same questions Joe and Kylie had to answer, find them here, and here.

Also as a little bonus, here's a silly quiz that tells you which Christmas movie character you would be based on your answers. I took this and apparently I'm supposed to be the guy from Jingle All The Way in search of the stupid toy Turbo Man. Howard Langston. I don't even have the accent!

Merry Christmas, New Jersey!

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