🌯 A NJ woman says she was attacked over a burrito

🌯She claims the burrito "tasted funny"

🌯Lawsuit targets Newark Taco Bell restaurant

A New Jersey woman says she was "beaten senseless" after complaining her burrito "tasted funny."

Leticia Rivera is suing Taco Bell, alleging she suffered severe and lasting injuries at the hands of three Taco Bell workers in Newark.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Rivera says she went into a Taco Bell restaurant on Broad Street in Newark and ordered a burrito. When she bit into it, she says it "tasted funny."

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She says she brought the burrito back to the manager, and then things quickly got out of hand.

Rivera first tried to exchange the burrito for another menu item, but claims staff told her they didn't have the ingredients to make it for her.

After arguing across the counter, she turned away to leave. It is then, court documents claim, a worker came around the counter and attacked her. That employee was soon joined by two other employees.

Details of the lawsuit were first reported by NJ.com. Lawyer Michelle Tullio, who filed the suit on behalf of Rivera, says her client suffered a broken finger, a cut on her head they required stiches and still suffers from lingering pain.

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Tullio told NJ.com that Taco Bell is claiming Rivera shares at least half the blame for the fight, but the lawyer argues, "You don't attack somebody, no matter the reason."

Police were called to the scene of the altercation on May 17, 2022. The lawsuit claims three workers, all under the age of 18, were charged with simple assault. Newark Police did not verify that claim.

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The Newark Taco Bell location and the chain owner Yum! Brands are named in the suit, which does not specify an amount for damages.

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