A former co-worker used to have a phrase he liked to use. "That's a whole other shade of stupid." I would say that applies here. Police are warning about a ridiculous trend catching on among young people called swerving. It's where groups of idiots on bicycles ride in traffic popping and sustaining a wheelie right next to your moving car or near parked cars and they swerve at the very last moment possible.

They are intentionally biking straight into the path of oncoming vehicles in many cases and swerving at the very last split second. Often large groups of teens are doing this while some record and the ensuing traffic chaos is then put on social media. It's obviously illegal, and police are concerned about this dangerous fad.

Check out this video to see just how dangerous. It's clearly been around for a few years even though most of us are just now learning about it. This video is a montage of "best swerves" of 2016.

To quote an old friend, it's a whole other shade of stupid.

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