Gov. Murphy gives us a press conference a couple times a week to show what a great job he’s doing and to tattle on all the businesses who have not been following his recommendations. And by recommendations, I mean recommendations. He treats them as though they are laws, but even with his endless executive orders, he cannot solely craft laws.

That said, it has become standard practice to announce the names of the businesses who are not following protocols. I’m not sure if this practice is used as a threat or a warning or if it’s just his way of showing that if you break the rules, you won’t get away with it because the government is watching.

Remember, these restaurants and their management are just regular New Jersey folks who are trying to survive in an atmosphere of oppression. They are trying to live with restrictions and sanctions that should have been lifted long ago.

In his never ending attempt to show that he’s the boss, the governor likes to make an example of restaurants that break his codes. His office has released the names of the most recent rule breakers, those who have dared to defy him. I’m providing this list, courtesy of, of some restaurants and bars that have broken his COVID rules in the last month.

I hope that instead of shaming them, he will bring publicity to these businesses that have had their bottom line affected by his egomaniacal and unconstitutional control over them. Therefore, I’m sharing their names and asking you to support them.

It’s very possible that before this nightmare is over, he will try to cause more problems for them, so please try to patronize them and do your best to support them. This list, provided by Patch, only contains his most recent targets. Please try to keep an ear out for the businesses he targets in his next report.

And remember, the next business could be yours or your family member’s.


  • The Tower Tavern in Westville


  • Buttaro’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Bayonne
  • 990 Bar and Lounge in Bayonne
  • The Black Bear Bar and Grill in Hoboken
  • A Street Tavern in Hoboken
  • The Wilton House in Hoboken


  • Logira Bar in Trenton
  • Cooper's Riverview in Trenton
  • Ivy Tavern Bar Restaurant in Hamilton


  • Battle River Brewing in Tom's River
  • Eby's in Berkeley Township
  • Beachcomer Bar in Seaside Heights
  • Hemmingway's Cafe in Seaside Heights

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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