As someone who gets their caffeine fix from Diet Mt. Dew (yes, go ahead and cue the hillbilly banjo here), I hear there's this mysterious other brown liquid out there that does the same for the rest of New Jersey. Some take it with milk, some with sugar, some black, and some have made a mocha-latte-double-cinnamon-peppermint-twist-shaken-not-stirred-over-the-top artsy nightmare out of it.

However you take your coffee, Sunday September 29 is National Coffee Day. A day to celebrate all things coffee and appreciate the hard work of baristas. Okay, who are we kidding here. It's a day to score freebies or deals on a cup of joe. And here they are.

According to and, these places are running deals. Keep in mind these are on an 'at participating locations' basis so you might want to call and check before going.


First, your freebies, because as Janis Joplin said it ain't nothin' baby if it ain't free.

You knew they wouldn't let you down. They have a buy one, get one offer. On Sunday, September 29, purchase a hot coffee and get one hot coffee free (of equal or lesser value).

Get a free hot or iced coffee on Sunday when you're a first time user of their mobile app. Click here to download.

Circle K
Free medium Simply Great Coffee on Sunday September 29 but you have to have the Circle K app, so download it before you down your free coffee.

Barnes & Noble
Even Barnes & Noble is jumping in on this? Get a free hot or iced tall coffee if you buy any bake case item from a B&N Cafe on Sunday.

Krispy Kreme
Not only a free small coffee but also a glazed doughnut on Sunday.

Tim Horton's
If you place an order through their mobile app you'll get a free reward which can then be redeemed for coffee. Click here for the app.

Pilot J
They're giving away a free cup of coffee, hot or cold, of ANY size on National Coffee Day September 29.

Reward members get a free cup of coffee Sunday. Join by clicking here.


Again, for all of these best to check if their location is participating.

Baskin Robbins
Wait, they have coffee at Baskin Robbins? Yes, they do. You can grab a small Cappuccino Blast for just $2.99.

Cracker Barrel
For a limited time to celebrate National Coffee Day they're offering a Pumpkin Pie Latte in their stores for $3.69.

Any size coffee for just $1.

I hope this satisfies a coffee-loving New Jersey. I just want to know when Diet Mt. Dew is going to get a National Day.

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