Spite is a very powerful motivator. Just ask your spouse. Well, the two top Democrats who run this state are not a match made in heaven and it becomes more apparent with each passing day. Senate President Steve Sweeney has come out recently to say "this state has a tax problem and raising taxes is not the answer." Steve! Where have you been? You've been right there adding to the problem over the last 16 years! You just now noticed we have fiscal and tax issues?! Really?!

Sweeney assembled a bipartisan commission over the summer to find some solutions to our problems. Any fourth grader could have told him the same things, but it took a filthy rich slickster from up north to get Steve's attention. It's no secret inside the Statehouse that Mr. Sweeney is no fan of Mr. Murphy. Could it have anything to do with the fact that Sweeney was poised to be the next governor before a well organized and well funded Murphy swooped in out of nowhere to crush Sweeney's dream?

A lot of things Gov. Murphy and his utopian pipe dream machine would like to have happen can't happen without the Senate President's blessing and support. And they're not happening. First of all, because they don't make economic sense. But most importantly because Sweeney is going to get in the way as much as he can. After all of these years of economic malfeasance and political chicanery, it took Steve Sweeney to get butt-hurt to come to his senses and to the defense of us poor taxpayers.

We'll be here watching to see if you can make any progress and actually implement these ideas from your bipartisan panel. Well whatever is lighting a fire under your ass, Steve, you keep giving 'em hell up there in the Statehouse. It's about time. What did I say in the beginning of this? Oh yeah, spite is a powerful motivator!

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