A study by WalletHub.com says that New Jersey is the fourth most diverse state in the country. The company compared the fifty states across six diversity categories, including socioeconomic diversity, cultural diversity, economic diversity, household diversity, religious diversity, and political diversity.

New Jersey scored highest in political diversity (4th), socioeconomic diversity (5th) and cultural diversity (7th), but not as high in economic diversity (40th), household diversity (26th), or religious diversity (19th). The more detailed breakdowns reveal some interesting, if not surprising, facts about the Garden State: there are a lot of different languages spoken here as we rank 4th in linguistic diversity. We are also 5th in educational attainment diversity, and 7th in racial and ethnic diversity. We don’t rank nearly as high in a couple of other categories, however, placing 46th in occupational diversity, 39th in marital status diversity, and 38th in worker class diversity.

Overall, the most diverse states, other than New Jersey, are California (#1), Texas, and Hawaii. New York is fifth and Pennsylvania is 30th. The five least diverse states are: Montana (46th), New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and, dead last is West Virginia.

Source: WalletHub

The United States has always been one of the most diverse nations, attracting immigrants from all over the globe and is likely to keep becoming more diverse; the study points out that the US Census Bureau predicts that by 2044, the US will not have a single ethnic majority (it’s currently white, non-Hispanic) and as the ethnic makeup becomes more diverse, so do the other metrics.

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