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For those of us feeling spicy - Queens (where you play Kings but with a female persona… was this just my college friend group or is this a thing?)

We all have our favorite drinking game. Or if not “favorite” you probably at least have some nostalgia playing these games in a slightly dank and vaguely moist basement in college, right?

Again… just me?

Cups and plastic ball for beer pong game on table

A study was put out recently that used google trends to determine the most popular drinking game in each state. Not surprisingly, beer pong won in a landslide. It was the favorite of 13 states. New Jersey, however, favored a different drinking game.

Apparently, we in the Garden State are big fans of the game Quarters: where you bounce a coin off the (hopefully clean) table into a cup of beer or juice.

You have to get the quarter into your cup before your opponent so you can pass the coin off to the next person on your team.

According to WikiHow’s rules of the game, once the quarter lands in the cup, the shooter chooses another player to take a drink from their beverage.

Pint glass full of light beer on a wooden table

We share the love of this game with Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and Oklahoma. I’m not quite sure if that means we’re in good company.

You can check out the favored games of other states here. If you’re anything like me you’ll be charmed to see that some states prefer Spin the Bottle, and hesitantly intrigued by some states liking a game called ‘Paranoia.’

Come on, I'm paranoid enough, isn’t that why I have my drink in the first place?

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