If you had your heart set on buying an orange lobster from the live tank at Stop & Shop in Toms River, fuggehtaboutit.

When a shipment of live lobsters recently came in they noticed something different about one. It was not red but orange. That is such an oddity that workers put it aside and the store decided to not sell it. An orange lobster is said to be extremely rare.

How rare?

Rick Wahle, University of Maine’s director of Lobster Institute, tells the Asbury Park Press, “Unofficial estimates are in the range of 1 in a million, although I have not seen a scientific assessment of the actual proportion they comprise of the wild population.”

So if one in a million sounds rare Wahle points out there are some stories on the web claiming its more like 1 in 30 million but he can’t vouch for such numbers.

Finding itself a sudden celebrity the orange lobster is currently on display in the Stop & Shop live tank but the store will not sell it. They are looking for the best option. They say there’s been some interest from Rutgers’ Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

This little guy is going to feel like an E.T. captured by the government to be prodded and studied. My idea is Halloween is coming, right? And this thing is orange, right? Instant Halloween store promotion! Some black paint or markers that won’t be toxic to the creature and you decorate the shell. Kids would love it! And I’m sure animal rights people wouldn’t complain one bit!

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