Governor Murphy is once again taking away our personal liberties by removing the option for New Jersey residents to purchase gas-powered vehicles in the state, and in doing so he is penalizing New Jersey businesses and forcing residents to cross the border into Pennsylvania and New York to purchase their cars.

Beginning in 2026 gas-powered cars will be on the endangered species list.


Governor Phil Murphy has proposed to phase out the sale of gas-powered vehicles in New Jersey. Under the proposed rules, New Jersey would require 51% of all vehicles sold to be electric in just a few short years. By 2035, that number would climb to 100% of vehicle sales.

Why is Governor Murphy banning the cars that we have worked for years to be able to afford? Not only that, but this rule would effectively bankrupt New Jersey car dealers as consumers would flock to neighboring states to purchase conventional gas-powered cars.

As of 2021, there were 2.5 million vehicles registered in New Jersey. If Governor Murphy is successful, it will be impossible for us to keep up with the increased demand on our electric grid. Think back to the gas shortages from the great depression, only this time, people will be waiting in line to plug in their car while the local gas station sits abandoned and out of business across the street.

Please, join me in opposing Governor Murphy’s Electric Vehicle Mandates. It’s Common Sense.

How much your school district gets under Murphy's proposed 2024 budget

Gov. Phil Murphy's porposed 2024 budget includes $1 billion in new spending for school funding including pre-K funding, pension and benefits, and an additional $832 million in K-12 aid, which is listed below by county and district.

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