I am so proud of my sons!

For the past week I've been taking the 22 push-up challenge where you do 22 push-ups a day for 22 days to raise awareness of the high rate of veteran suicide. A study published in 2012 suggested that an average of 22 veterans kill themselves every day. While that conclusion on those numbers is controversial, many agree that this is a significant situation. This is a small way to raise awareness for that issue in the U.S. Push ups alone won't solve the problem, but this challenge is designed to raise awareness for a very real problem.

I would like to thank all those who have joined me in this crusade, starting with our own Eric Potts who nominated me along with my old friend, Tina Cook. A few friends and coworkers are pushing up with me including "Big Bill Doyle", Jason Ruvolo, Pete Delutis, Eric Barash, Dani Cherchio. All of you are putting your muscles where your mouth is and are really making a difference.

Now comes my proudest nominations: my son Albert has joined in and he has nominated his Uncle Dann Allard, who is a retired Coast Guard Chief. Today, my son Lennon has asked to be nominated. These two boys were not asked to join in, nor did I bring it up, instead they took it upon themselves to come to me with this request. It's a great feeling as a Dad, when you know that your sons "get it" as young as nine.

If you'd like to join me in the 22 push-up challenge, here are the rules:

  • Once you are nominated your 22 days start the following day.
  • Every day you record yourself doing 22 push-ups. Try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted (from your knees) push-ups or that you have to stop and take a break that's fine but try to get them all done in one video.
  • Every day you must nominate a different person. Try to choose people you think will want to do this and/or have the ability to do it.
  • And finally, have fun with this. This is a simple and fun way to get the word out about a matter that more people need to be aware about. These brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and its sad that so many veterans feel that suicide is the only way out.

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