I know, Phil Murphy is the governor  and wields tremendous power. Murphy is the one pushing hard fr more taxes, regulation and quite frankly, policies that directly endanger our communities and the safety of law enforcement officers.

All true, but let's face it, Murphy just got here. There has been a trend in our state for the past 18 years that has lead our state elected officials down a road of hostility toward law enforcement and ever-increasing taxes. The real culprit? State Sen. Steve Sweeney. He's been in state government for the past 18 years and only recently -- because he's using his position to pick a fake fight with the governor -- has he acknowledged that we may be at least slightly overtaxed.

What's funny about Sweeney's reaction to new taxes is he isn't talking about cutting small business taxes, real estate taxes or income taxes that unfairly hurt middle- and working-class families. Nope. Sweeney is upset about the proposed MILLIONAIRES' tax.

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Are you kidding me? This is the tax he's gonna fight? What a hypocrite and shill for the elite insiders. Guess George Norcross really is the puppet master. No way ol' George is gonna let his political mouthpiece stand by while the governor, who bought his way through the process with his own money, tries to tax the Norcross empire at a higher rate.

Normally, average people might say at this point "Screw the rich guy and let him pay more." But that would be a huge mistake. Forgetting Sweeney for a minute -- he's not smart enough to develop a plan either way to help our state -- we need to focus on the proposed tax. A millionaires' tax will surely drive those high-end taxpayers to lower tax climates -- Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, just to name a few. We've seen it happen over the past several years already.

What we need to do is make New Jersey a tax haven for the rich. If I were governor, I'd be calling millionaires across the country and recruiting them to live in New Jersey. Lower the tax rate to 2% for incomes between $1.5 and 3 million, and then to ZERO for all income higher than $3 million. Imagine how many rich people would jump at the chance to live in New Jersey. Bring me all of your hedge fund managers, health care executive and IPO billionaires. Bring 'em here and let the working and middle class benefit from all the new revenue from the surge in million-dollar incomes up to $3 million.

New Jersey could be the Switzerland of the United States. And it could be done if we had a governor with the guts to VETO every bill until a tax cut passes both houses.

It's time to get tough. Sweeney said he was going to go to war with young moms and anyone who would speak up for those promoting choice in vaccinations for school kids. He's not fighting for public health. He's not fighting for your family. He's fighting fr his owner, George Norcross. He'd never entertain the ideas that I'm presenting because deep down he's not able to grasp the concept of a state run by competent, thoughtful and caring people who want the best for everyone -- no, just a few insiders.

Don't let him off the hook. Call his offices until the voicemail is full and his staff has to sped every minute dealing with angry New Jerseyans. You have rights. You have the power of the vote and your passion. Use it.

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