Back in the day, whenever I wanted a great steak in South Jersey before I would hit one of the many clubs in the Cherry Hill area, I would go to "The Pub" in Pennsauken. I happened to mention it one night on New Jersey 101.5 while talking about traffic circles and the owners heard it and were kind enough to invite my family and I down to have dinner. I was reminded why Steve Harvey calls The Pub, "The Best Steakhouse in America."

Nothing says steakhouse like a brick wall of hearths that cook them over hickory smoked charcoal making them the best around. There's also an incredible salad bar where everything is home made. My wife loves the crab cakes and my sons love the mac and cheese.

But it's the consistency and tradition that make The Pub what is is. It's been a landmark for over 60 years with generations of families coming through the giant parking lot with the big red and white sign. Most times when I'm there I run into people I know in their huge dining room. The servers are friendly and there's so much food that many times I'm taking home a people bag.

You always hear how times change and people change, despite all that the Pub stays the same. What used to be date night for me is now family night and that's the way we're treated at The Pub, like family.
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