Ever wonder when you go to a Bruce Springsteen concert and see kids how they got into him? One way is their parents who have "The Boss" playing in the car as far back as when they were strapped in the car seat.

Another way is to take them to see "The Rock N Roll Playhouse: Bruce Springsteen For Kids," which will feature the Eddie Testa Band playing the music and making it fun for both the kids and their parents as well.

Testa called into my radio show and talked about how they use the songs to interact with the kids for instance when they play "10th Ave Freezeout" they'll turn it into a freeze dance or turn out the lights for "Dancing In The Dark."

"The Show at The Vogel in Red Bank is sponsored by Rock and Roll Playhouse," says Testa  "It's a one-hour show. We play from 12 to 1 p.m. It gets children listening and dancing to music by different artists. This happens to be a Springsteen show. We are honored to be asked to do this for a second time""

It's a really fun way for parents to turn their kids on to an artist that they like at a very early age which can be something and someone that they can enjoy together for the rest of their lives.

All children must be accompanied by a parent. The concert is not associated with nor endorsed by the artist. Don't worry about it being too loud, they turn down the volume for the kids. They'll be turning it up themselves as the years go by.

To get tickets for "Rock n Roll Playhouse: Bruce Springsteen for Kids" Click here.

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