In New Jersey we are used to surprises. Just not good ones

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” actor Tom Holland surprised a lot of folks the other day in South Orange. Their Performing Arts Center’s Cinema Lab theater was holding a screening of his new film “Uncharted” and wouldn’t you know he showed up.

The movie’s director, Rob Fleischer, brought Holland out as his surprise guest after talking about his pride in having the number one movie on the planet at present.

Holland addressed the crowd in his natural English accent and not the put-on American accent he’s perfected for roles. He came in the theater dressed like any other casual 25-year-old might and even joked with the crowd about being too dressed down.

Tom Holland already had achieved number one film status within the Spider-Man universe but to have a new number one project outside of that really elevates his Hollywood stature. “Uncharted” has other big names like Antonio Banderas and Mark Wahlberg. It’s the story of a race to find Magellan’s lost $5 billion fortune with Holland playing a thief by the name of Nathan Drake.

New Jersey is always a great place for celebrity spotting. Sure enough there was another homegrown celeb there that night at Cinema Lab. Scream King Patrick Wilson hosted a Q&A with Fleischer.

Wilson, who is from Montclair, is involved with Cinema Lab as “head of experience” and does a terrific job with the interview.

A fun night of brushes with fame. You half expected Kevin Smith to show up I’m sure.

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