I love potatoes. And I love cheese. So, combining them makes sense, right?

I know, there are plenty of recipes that have melted cheese on mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and fries.

I've got a new one.

In a conversation with Eric Scott a few years ago he told me about a simple way to clean out the fridge of your cheese ends, bits and leftovers. It was a simple recipe from famed chef Jacques Pepin which involves garlic, cheese and white wine.

So simple that anyone with a knife and a food processor can do it. The potato combo evolved from a mistake.

Although my wife Jodi reminded me that a blender would not do the same job as a food processor, I opted to ignore the good advice and use the closest kitchen appliance.

The problem was, well, she was right and I was left with a chunky lesser quality "Fromage Fort" than I had hoped.

No worries! I was boiling potatoes to make a simple side dish of Boiled potatoes, parsley, butter, salt and pepper.

In the bowl of potatoes, after I mixed the simple ingredients, I simply added the chunky cheese mixture. The heat from the just-off-the-stove potatoes did the job of smoothing out the cheese mix by melting the chunks, and a great side dish was born.

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