After reading about the insanity of a judge in Montana ruling that the state's production of electricity is a "substantial factor" in climate change.

"The judge rejected the state’s argument that Montana’s emissions are insignificant, saying they were “a substantial factor” in climate change. Montana is a major producer of coal burned for electricity and has large oil and gas reserves." - AP NEWS AMY BETH HANSON AND MATTHEW BROWN

Even though at closer look the ruling is really a 'nothing burger' as it pertains to the state's permitting process and the rule effectively says that emissions must be considered.

Instead of going on a rant about the absurdity of attacking CO2, which I've been defending for years, again, I'm not a scientist BUT I can read.

Anyway, for me the article about the judge's ruling got me thinking about food. And as you know, I love pizza.

Best kind of pizza? Coal fired of course!

Here's a list of some coal fired pizza places in Jersey that you should hit this weekend!

Coal Fired Pizza in Manalapan

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Mount Laurel 

Urban Coal House in Hoboken and Red Bank 

Buffalo chicken pizza from Urban Coalhouse (Photo via Thomas Trimarco)
The 'Vodka' pie from Urban Coalhouse (Photo via Thomas Trimarco)

Marcello's Coal Fired Pizza in Bordentown

The best wood-fired pizza in NJ can come from your own kitchen

I finally made the decision to invest in a wood-fired pizza oven.

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