Congressman Jason Smith from Missouri is a rarity in politics. He’s not some lawyer or Beltway insider, he’s a normal, working-class guy who still runs his family farm back home in Missouri.

Jason also happens to be one of President Trump’s strongest allies. He’s led the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and currently serves as the Chairman of the POWERFUL Ways and Means committee in the House.

The House Debates Debt Limit Legislation As Default Draws Near
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Here's the transcript of the questions I asked Congressman Smith. You can hear his answers HERE.

Congressman, there has been a lot of news about Joe and Hunter Biden abusing the office of the President and Vice President to enrich themselves. Can you give our listeners an update on what your committee has uncovered and why every American citizen should be concerned about it?

Joe BidenHunter Bidden

You’re the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful committee in Congress. From your vantage point, what have Joe Biden’s policies done to create this runaway inflation and a broken economy that’s breaking the backs of normal, everyday Americans?

Joe Biden

President Trump is coming to New Jersey for a rally this weekend. Like me, you have been a supporter of the President from day 1. What do you think about the weaponization of our justice system to try and defeat our party’s nominee for president?

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President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Wildwood, New Jersey
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All week we've been hearing from insiders who are close to President Trump.

Ric Grenell — Under President Trump, Ric was the Ambassador to Germany.

Jason Miller — Senior Advisor to President Trump’s 2024 campaign.

All of this leads to my conversation with the former and hopefully future president which will air on the show Friday.

Remember, we'll be live from the rally in Wildwood on Saturday with our podcast Common Ground.

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