Over the weekend, I did something that most would say was way out of my comfort zone. I fixed something. Something mechanical. Really. Without supervision.

The spring snapped on one of our garage door openers, leaving the door inoperable. Instead of my usual call-a-guy-and-get-it-fixed, I decided I could fix it on my own. So I spent some time studying the other door springs and followed how the wires and springs were connected and gave it a shot. A Friday order on Amazon and a Saturday Prime delivery I was ready to go with a new spring.

It took me more than an hour and left me sweaty and cut up as the metal wires connecting the contraption were frayed, but I got the job done. I can say that there is very little that is more satisfying that fixing something and watching it work. I saved a couple hundred bucks and now know what I need for Christmas. A ratchet set.

Working with old school tools makes the job a lot harder, I’m sure. Turns out you can get one on Amazon for less than $25. Thanks to many of our callers Monday morning, I’ve got some leads and will let you know!

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