Last night on Ask the Governor, Governor Christie asked for NJ residents to cut state Senator Steve Oroho some slack on his gas tax plan. While Christie did say that there are elements of the plan that he liked but overall said that "I don't think we're there yet."

Governor Chrsitie gave credit to Oroho for working with the Democrats to create the proposal and had some thoughts on those who have been criticizing the senator. “So I think some of the criticism of Steve quite frankly has been unfair,” Christie said. “Now, I don’t sign on to what he’s got right now because I don’t think it’s good enough. And I’m governor, so I get to make that decision.”

Well, I'm not cutting Senator Oroho any slack. I've spent the majority of the week likening the senator to Darth Vader and have even nicknamed him, "Darth Oroho." We've had too many legislators in the state think that it is ok to just raise the taxes on the backs of NJ residents and it needs to end. NJ residents feel like Lando Calrissian from Star Wars striking a deal with Darth Vader only to find out that Vader has changed the deal.

I took it one step further this morning. Today I brought a little prop to work to put some emphasis on my fight against Darth Oroho. I don't know if you recognize the prop in the video above, but it is a lightsaber. It is now the official lightsaber of NJ101.5 thanks to my friend Jason Rosenberg from Chasing News. We are now armed and ready to fight this proposed gas tax! Keep the pressure on and tell Senator Oroho and tell him even 23 cents a gallon is too much.