HAMILTON (ATLANTIC COUNTY) — Depending on the results of this year's Super Bowl and how late the game goes, at least one school district is preparing for issues getting kids to school on Monday.

In a letter from Hamilton Township School District transportation director Steven Hinkeldey parents were advised that busing could be an issue early in the week. Hinkeldey said in the letter that there are concerns that drivers could call out on not only Monday, but Tuesday as well.

Atlantic Township School District
Atlantic Township School District

"We have clearly articulated to Sheppard Bus Service that it is our expectation that bus pick up and drop off times proceed as normally scheduled," Hinkeldey said.

Hinkeldey advised parents that if their children are not picked up within 20 minutes of their regular time they should call the district's transportation office at 609-476-6318.

Millions of people are expected to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots in Minnesota, making getting to work and school on time on Monday a struggle across the country. A recent study showed that many people believe the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a paid national holiday.

"If that many people are celebrating during the game on Sunday, there is a really good chance that they will be tired and less productive on Monday," Office Team New Jersey manager Dora Onyschak said.

Philadelphia officials are still determining when an Eagles victory parade might be if they win the game on Sunday, according to NJ.com. Discussions on a possible parade have largely focused on Wednesday, according to the story.

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