The son of a man who claimed to have urinated in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Capitol riot has also been charged with participating in the insurrection.

The father —James Rahm Jr., who has addresses in Atlantic City and Philadelphia — was charged on Feb. 5 after an acquaintance took screenshots of pictures and video  on his Facebook account showing him at the Capitol, according to a criminal complaint.

The pictures and media were taken by his son, James Rahm III, of Northfield, who also posted pictures and video on his own Snapchat account, federal prosecutors said.

He is the 16th person from New Jersey charged in the insurrection.

The day of the elder Rahm's arrest at his Atlantic City home where his son lived with his mother, Kelly Rahm, she asked law enforcement if their presence was "because of that trip they took."

Kelly Rahm later allowed law enforcement to check her phone, where they found a picture of her son and his father in front of the Capitol and a text asking her father not to post the picture of their son.

"No, I just deleted it because I want it off my phone. I’m deleting my Facebook also," her husband responded in a text.

Rahm III was away on a ski trip the day of his father's arrest and was interviewed on Feb. 11 via video. He told investigators he went to Washington to attend the "stop the steal" rally where President Donald Trump spoke but left for the Capitol before it was over.

They became separated at the Capitol and Rahm III is seen in crowd photos without his father, the FBI said.

Rahm III took pictures with the GoPro and went to Pelosi's office but not with his father.

In video from his GoPro and cellphone, it shows they were both part of a group that overpowered U.S. Capitol police to open the doors to the Capitol, prosecutors said. James Rahm Jr. is seen entering the building in the video.

In another video posted to his Snapchat, Rahm III is seen entering and saying “Holy s***, holy sh***. Oh my f***ing God, we just stormed the Capitol. Holy f**.”

Following a hearing on Wednesday, both father and son are free on bond. A U.S. District Court judge said Rahm Jr. could communicate with his son as long as they didn't talk about their respective cases.

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