The home stretch of the holiday season. That time when some try to think of anything they missed as the big day approaches, and also a time when procrastinators finally get a move on with their holiday shopping.

This time of year can be chaotic for many. Whether it's trying to make everyone happy on your list, trying to map out how you'll plan your holiday travels, or trying to figure out the best way to host this year's festivities, The holiday season can sure take its toll on some of us.

And of course, there's that one person who's usually the glue that keeps it all together. That one person who makes sure all the stockings are stuffed and everyone gets a gift.

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That person is none other than mom. And for the sake of this story, mom doesn't have to be your biological parent. For some, it can be defined as whoever is that one person who really makes sure the holidays are magical for everyone.

For example, think about your average American family that celebrates Christmas every year. The kids wake up Christmas morning to a boatload of presents under the tree with stockings overflowing full of candy and other small presents.

In most households, it's mom that makes sure everything is in order. Even if the kids decide to be brats on Christmas morning, mom still finds a way to make sure everyone is happy.

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I know that was true when I was growing up, and it's true now in my household with my own kids. For as much as I do, it's my wife Jen who makes sure everything is squared away. I can admit it, I'd probably forget one or two things if it wasn't for her making sure all bases are covered, and I couldn't thank her enough for that.

For my part, I try to make sure I don't forget about her, and I try to make sure my sons take care of her as well for the holidays. It's very easy to forget that one person who does everything and gets very little in return, and that's the person mom doesn't want you to forget about... Themselves.

With that said, not everyone defined here as mom has to actually be your mother. I know at least two families where the kids didn't have a choice but to fully rely on dad.

Checking his special list.

I won't dive into the personal reasons for the people I know, but rather make the point that the same thing applies to them. They do their best to make sure everyone else is taken care of but most likely will not ask you to think of getting them anything in return.

It's that silent wish that they hope you do remember them, which can be a tall order at times. Basically, whoever that mom figure is in your family, the one who ensures everyone is thought of for the holidays, is the one you need to think of without them reminding you to do so.

It's a small ask from them, but that's secretly something they hope you don't forget. It's something I try to teach my kids every holiday season, as well as something I try to get better with myself.

Lots of Gift boxes on wood, christmas presents in paper

It doesn't have to be anything big or over the top. It just needs to be something that shows you thought of them. Not a hard ask at all.

And here's something to drive the point home. Check out this SNL skit about mom and the holidays. While the family celebrates with joy, mom is ever so slowly.... well.... just watch and see for yourself.

Remember mom, you rock. Hopefully, this message makes it to those who might've forgotten in the past and can serve as a friendly PSA for them to make sure they remember you before it's too late.

And for those that this friendly PSA did help? Don't worry, just tell mom you remembered all on your own. As long as the effort comes from you, you'll be alright.

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