Christmas is almost here. And with it, comes the thought of a white Christmas. Yes, it has snowed on Christmas in New Jersey before, but it is rare.

In terms of opinion, it's mainly mixed. Some would love to see snow on Christmas, while others would prefer the sunshine. Of course, the opinion of kids most likely differs from adults.

Children would probably love to be sledding after opening presents, and who could blame them. Snow on Christmas day would really add that extra touch.

So, it begs the question. What kind of weather do we want to wish for on Christmas in New Jersey? Before we answer that question below, let’s first check out some fun weather facts from Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, using data from the New Brunswick weather station, of what we’ve experienced in the past across New Jersey during the Christmas holiday.

Now that we know what the odds are of a white Christmas in New Jersey, as well as Dan's latest thinking on the forecast, where do you personally fall on this?

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