If you've been to a supermarket lately you may have seen people still wearing masks. It's usually the elderly shoppers and the numbers seem to have dwindled from a couple of months ago.

There was word of a respiratory virus going for a time around in the late spring. Lately, the number of people seems to have dwindled but there are still some that prefer to wear a mask in public.

I make sure not to stare and try to keep my distance for their comfort. You can even see some younger employees wearing them at certain places. Everyone is entitled to live as they please and they'll get no argument from me. Live and let live. Yet, I was surprised to find out that some people are still getting the boosters for COVID-19.

The other day I called a car service to take a family member to a concert. The guy came highly recommended by a local app. When we spoke on the phone, the driver asked if the person was vaccinated. I stammered a bit and answered, yes. They work in healthcare and were forced to get the two shots. He said he won't let anyone in his car that isn't vaccinated.

He certainly has every right to feel that way. It's his car and he can make up his own rules. I was just shocked that people are still concerned about that even though everyone I know who got vaccinated also got COVID. He told me he has not gotten the virus and he's anxious to get his SIXTH booster this September!

He's not gotten sick, but his wife who was boosted five times, did come down with it. With all of the information out there about the lack of efficacy of these things, not to mention the possible mild to very serious side effects of these shots, I was amazed that people are still lining up to get boosters.

The COVID pandemic and the media and government's handling of it have totally reordered society in so many ways. From the economy to healthcare to social interactions, it's been a total reshuffling of the deck of life. It's even caused permanent rifts in relationships that still have not been repaired.

For those of us who thought the whole thing was behind us, think again. Some people were so shocked by the entire episode, that they're still hanging on to it, much to my surprise. Live and let live, but please don't lecture me.

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