If Billy Ray Cyrus had any one song that struck at the hearts of Americans – it sure as hell wasn’t “Achy Breaky Heart!”

No, that one turned the stomachs of Americans.

The one that hits me the most this weekend is off the same album and is a fitting tribute for Memorial Day.

Called “Some Gave All”, it’s a reminder of the great sacrifice many brave Americans have made, and continue to make, in order for us to live in the democracy we do.

Sure – there are many who question and have questioned our military policies over the years – but one thing remains steadfast. Through it all, many stood tall when the country needed them.

One of them was my brother-in-law’s brother, Pvt. Frank Vallone of Little Italy.

I spoke to my brother-in-law last night in a conversation you will hear tonight.

He tells of his brother having joined the army back in ’66 to get away from the mean streets – only to trade in those street for the mean jungles of Southeast Asia.

Frank was only 3 months away from his release when his outfit was ambushed – back in September of ’68.

There are hundreds of thousands of “Franks” who’ve endured the same – and whose families have received similar news.

If you’re one of those families, take some time tonight at 11 and feel free to tell your tale of a brave service member in your family.

Englishtown Memorial Day Parade 2012 - Ray Rossi
Englishtown Memorial Day Parade 2012 - Ray Rossi

And set aside some time on Monday, before the barbeque to take in a parade honoring these brave heroes.
It was an honor for me to shake the hand of a World War II vet at the Englishtown Memorial Day Parade and thank him for his service.

Hope to hear from you tonight.

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