This shouldn't come as any surprise. The politicians in Trenton are at it again. While continuing to scare ignorant and uninformed people into submission to stay isolated while businesses and mental health are crushed, they are pushing a new law that will potentially make New Jersey the abortion capital of the nation.

Senate Bill 3030 is a bill that would have taxpayers subsidize abortions without limits on the pregnancy term and for minors without parental consent. Whether you are pro-life, pro-choice or in the Bill Clinton camp of "safe, legal and rare," this kind of radicalism wouldn't sit well with average New Jersey residents if it were explained honestly and if the politicians pushing it were forced to sell it.

But, the distraction of coronavirus — a virus with a 99.9% survival rate for most, actually higher if you're under 50 — is keeping people from peering into the inner workings of Trenton.

Pastor Phil Rizzo joined the show on Tuesday to explain a radical new abortion bill that  will hurt our efforts to fight human trafficking, eliminate responsibility for babies born alive after a botched "self administered abortion"' (see Prom Mom) take parents out of the equation for minors seeking abortions and have the taxpayers pay for it.


"The Reproductive Freedom Act" S3030 and its accompanied bill A4848 are a human trafficker’s best friend. “The Reproductive Freedom Act” which we have dubbed “The Freedom to Kill Act” will subsidize human trafficking. The bill explicitly states it will pay for all abortions regardless of the age regardless of the reason and without parental consent or knowledge a minor can have an abortion in this state now.

We were also joined by Marie Tasy, who is the executive director for New Jersey Right to Life. We discussed the fact that this entire effort is a blatant political move by the governor to curry favor with the radical abortion groups who will be supporting his re-election ...nand maybe his national ambitions.

While the propaganda pushing the vaccine continues in earnest, the governor vetoed a bill that would have provided relief to restaurant owners crushed by the endless lockdown. New Jersey has turned into a breeding ground for the very radical and out-of-touch agenda of special interest groups and corrupt politicians who have no regard for the health and well being of your family and business.

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