UPDATE: Council President Michael dePierro offered a counter point to defend what he proposed by giving a historical perspective on the Knoll golf course. Turns out that the "media" only got half the story. The town is NOT shelling out cash for country club memberships. What they are doing is supporting our brave first responders by allowing them to take up tee times that others are not using. Not exactly the controversy that the media made it out to be.


As they say, you really can't make it up in New Jersey.

Tell me a town and I'm sure it's only a matter of time where you'll find corruption. When I say corruption, I don't necessarily mean that the law is being broken, although oftentimes it is, I mean legal corruption where local positions take advantage of every loophole and procedural roadblock to operate without public scrutiny.

One case that popped up on the show today was an issue in Parsippany involving a 50-year practice of securing country club memberships for volunteers and certain municipal workers. TAP Into reports:

While a budgetary crisis looms over Parsippany-Troy Hills and residents continue grapple with a 40% hike in water and sewer fees, the Township Council had to reign in their own leader, Council president Michael dePierro, from forcing tax-fatigued residents to pay for free country club memberships to a chosen few township employees and volunteers.

James Jacobi, who has a business in Parsippany, pointed out on our show that it's really not the perk that has taxpayers upset as much as it is the fact that it has been going on for years and most people had no idea that they were paying for it.

We also heard from several people from Bradley Beach pointing out the fact that the recycling schedule changed without public awareness and many meetings are held in secret without the public being allowed in to provide input.

One attorney is suing Bradley Beach over the issue. One woman was dumped from the Shade Commission after she said the mayor took her off and said that the reason was, she needed to temper her First Amendment rights...what?!? Of course, I encouraged her to run against him in the next election.

Old Bridge Councilman Mark Razzoli joined the conversation after a judge ordered a new election in his ward after rampant irregularities and ballot harvesting were discovered.

Again, it's Jersey and you really can't make it up.

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