Asbury Park’s City Council approved an ordinance Wednesday banning smoking and vaping of both tobacco and marijuana products on the boardwalk.

The ordinance would take effect in 20 days on Tuesday, August 3. It comes with a summonses and fine of $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense. The final council vote was 4-1.

Asbury Park Mayor John Moor said it's a health issue, not a money making measure.

"We're not looking to raise revenue off this. We're looking to get it more under control so we get less complaints about the smoke, Mayor John Moor told New Jersey 101.5.

The mayor said that smoking was already banned from the beach but that complaints continued about people throwing their cigarette and cigar butts over the rail from the boards and onto the sand.

"The beach was already done. The boardwalk was just getting too many complaints about second hand smoke. The beaches, parks and boardwalk are now all no smoking areas," Moor told New Jersey 101.5

State law allows for a 20 day period for challenges to the ordinance.

Moor said that the signage will go up during that time and police will give "soft warnings" to smokers. He said the measure is not a revenue raising move.

All but one resident who spoke at Wednesday night's meeting were in favor of the ban, according to Moor.

"One person who was an Asbury Park resident, grew up on the boardwalk, wanted to know the reason. It was explained and she said 'okay I'm all for it,'" Moor said.

Wildwood Crest passed an ordinance that bans smoking on its beaches that took effect on June 7 while Seaside Height also passed an ordinance that forbids smoking on its boardwalks as well.

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