What started in Gloucester City in New Jersey has spread to Philadelphia as the city's school system is giving their students a late pass on Monday with delayed openings.

Clearview Regional High School has scheduled a teacher in-service day for Monday, which could give both students and teachers off provided they fulfilled their in-service commitments for the school year.

Anything to get out of school the Monday after the Eagles play in the Super Bowl. And why not?

Goodell Kaepernick Football

If it were up to me, they'd move the Super Bowl to Presidents' Day weekend since the Monday after is the most called-out day. Then again, since the NFL is larger than the United States, maybe commissioner Roger Goodell should have called President Biden to have President's Weekend moved to Monday. It will all work out when the NFL adds an 18th game and you know they will.

The last time the Eagles went to the Super Bowl was 2018 and some schools closed the day after. I have absolutely no problem with that. I would also not have a problem if they closed completely on the day of the parade should the Eagles win.

No matter how good your team is, there's no guarantee that they'll go to the Super Bowl every year, just ask Dan Marino who went as a rookie and never made it back despite a long and storied career.

It's more than that for the fans whose love of their team spans generations. Winning the Super Bowl brings families and friends bonding together over their love of their team. Should the Eagles win, there will be jubilation in households that are rarely seen. Take into account that the Eagles have been in business since 1933 and have only won one and we're talking very rarely seen.

So win or lose, take a few extra hours on Monday to digest what went down the night before and should the Birds emerge victorious, take the day off for the parade. If you'd like I'll write you a note.

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