"Keep Calm and Return Fire" denied a former marine entry into a famous New Jersey theme park, but now the company is attempting to make up for their mistake.

Roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure
Roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure (Google Street View)

Mario Alejandro, a 33-year-old Woodbridge resident, was denied entry into Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson on August 9. According to NJ.com, he took a trip to the park with his family while wearing a black muscle t-shirt boasting the words "Keep Calm and Return Fire" on the front. The back featured a website for The Reconnaissance Foundation, a nonprofit to support Recon Marines and their families.

Alejandro reported to NJ.com, "I told them that's it's not offensive, that it's a military shirt and that it means something." Even after he identified himself as a veteran, Alejandro claims that park officials said, "I don't care, get out of the park."

On Monday, about a week after the incident, Six Flags Great Adventure issued a release. "Mr. Alejandro accepted our apology when we reached out to him over the weekend, and we have invited him and his family to visit our park again as special VIP guests. Six Flags takes great pride in the various ways we honor, celebrate and support our military heroes."

Six Flags added, "We strive to maintain a family-friendly environment and similar to many other public venues we have a dress code. Unfortunately, at the time our employee did not know Mr. Alejandro’s shirt was related to a military charity and we apologize to any military personnel who may have been offended by our mistake."

Alejandro is still unsure of whether he will accept the parks offer and return with his family.

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