I'm not sure if this is real or if it is staged but either way, check out this guy going viral who's sitting in an aisle seat at a baseball game.

He nonchalantly pokes a hole through a hot dog with a straw, then picks up his beer and uses the new straw dog to drink it. Seriously!

Based on the way he's handled himself throughout the filming and the fact that the guy filming it was able to get it from the beginning, I think the event was totally staged. Maybe the dude is trying to show the world a new way to sip a beer, then again who sips beer? Why, a guy with a gutted hot dog of course!

Maybe he owns a bar and is trying this as a new promotion to get people in? Maybe he works as a researcher for a bar chain and you'll see people all over the country sipping beer through hot dogs. Who ever thought they would put fruit in beer? Or even ice cream?

Maybe they expand the idea to include sausage and brats, or change the drink to soda or juices for the kids.

Could this be the start of a new craze at games or will we just think the guy is crazy for even attempting such a thing?

I think he's crazy like a fox. My guess is that somebody got this idea and wanted to test it out in front of an audience to see the reaction.

What's your reaction? Is this something you could see yourself trying while watching the game? How soon will we see wacky radio guys and late night hosts trying it on their shows. I'm game. How about you?

Here's some reaction:

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