Many NJ towns preemptively banned the sale of legalized recreational marijuana. Turns out it's been so far a moot point since the abject failure of Gov. Murphy and his own party's legislature not being able to get the job done. It may still happen, but not until a ballot question in 2020.

All the same, a couple of marijuana activists have been showing up at towns where marijuana was banned to let city councils know their buzz has been harshed. According to, Mike Vintzileos and Edward Grimes have a bit of a routine down. They've taken the old Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere" and changed the lyrics. While this is going on Mike is wearing (what else?) a bong costume.

When it gets to the part of the song where towns are listed, they cleverly change the names of the towns to Jersey towns where theoretical legal weed is not allowed. More than 60 towns passed laws that preemptively banned it.

I admire this duo's dedication! Take a look at the faces of the onlookers as Ed and Mike perform in the video. They just look like this is the last place they want to be. Are they feeling uncomfortable? Maybe some legal would would mellow them out!

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