For as long as Powerball exists people have been asking "What would you do with the money?" Now the state of New Jersey, more specifically the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, is asking residents what they should do with the money. I'm talking about the money made from taxing legal weed.

New Jersey has made, is making, and will be making a lot of money from legal weed both medically and recreationally.

According to Eric Scott on

Adult-use legal marijuana sales exceeded $178 million dollars in 2022. $117 million came from recreational sales, As more dispensaries are licensed for business in New Jersey, that figure is expected to increase dramatically in 2023.

The CRC is taking public input as they formulate the rules of how the tax dollars will be spent.

New Jersey is currently $248 billion in debt. That means if the state hit the Powerball, they would only be around $247 billion in debt; so we're not talking a lot of tax dollars in the grand scheme. But all the same; if you could decide what the tax dollars from the sale of legal weed should be used for, what would you say?

Here are some ideas from my listeners, Facebook, and Twitter followings:

(Photo: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash)
(Photo: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash)

Buying munchies
John J Ruppert

Using it for college grants. Students would have to apply and explain why they are worthy of such a grant. Also, if the student didn’t maintain a certain grade level, they could lose the grant.
Gail Morrone

Offset Property Taxes, keep NJ residents from leaving the state
Craig Stanton

(Photo: Natalie Cardona, Unsplash)
(Photo: Natalie Cardona, Unsplash)

That one I like!

If you want to let the CRC know what you think.or view the meetings, or register to comment, click here.

You can also submit your comment in writing by clicking this link.

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