Janoris Jenkins has been trying to talk his way off the Giants for most of the season. He's criticized the pass rush, as well as his defensive coordinator James Bettcher for the way he was being used. But when he responded to a fan who was criticizing his play on twitter with the "R" word describing someone with special needs and later made a half hearted apology, which he later tried to rationalize, it was time for the team who still owes him one year on his contract to say goodbye. Better the Giants should have suspended him. Since they didn't the NFL should.

The way things are now with Jenkins, according to profootballtalk.com, "Jenkins will go through waivers and can be claimed by any of the league’s other 31 teams. Jenkins is under contract for next season, but has no guaranteed money left on his deal. If he’s not claimed, he’ll become a free agent." So basically Jenkins may have actually talked himself onto a playoff team. That'll teach him.

Chances are Jenkins was going to be released by the Giants in the offseason. He would have carried a $14.75 million cap hit if he'd stayed. By cutting Jenkins, the Giants save $11.25 million in cap space. By suspending Jenkins, the Giants would have prevented him from being claimed by a playoff bound team. Imagine Giants fans seeing Jenkins wearing Eagles green at the season finale Dec 29th at MetLife? It could happen.

Jenkins is taking his release very well tweeting "Best news ever"  He knows the way this league works. He could very well find himself on a playoff-bound team next week. The NFL needs to step in and show the disabled community that there is no place for that word in their league, regardless of how much players use it on their own time in their own lives.

There are so many children dealing with disabilities, as well as their families who look up to these players and for someone as well known as Jenkins to use the "R" word so cavalierly at a fan, it shows a tremendous amount of disrespect.

“I regret it," Jenkins explained in the locker room Thursday, "But, at the end of the day, like I said, it’s my slang. So, if you take it how you’re going to take it, it’s on you. I don’t mean to offend nobody. My dad always told me, ‘Speak freely and own up to what you say.’ So I always speak freely as a man, and I speak how I want to speak.” Funny when asked if he that was a word he'll continue to use going forward, "Jerkrabbit's" response was "next question."  Wonder how "Daddy" would have felt about that? So much for owning up.

By suspending Jenkins for at least the rest of the season, the NFL is saying it's not ok for players to talk their way to a better their situation. Jenkins should not be able to insult his way to a playoff team. It would also send a message to the rest of the league to be careful what you tweet. Even on social media, you are representing the National Football League.

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