Happy New Year! It's the phrase many of us utter the moment we turn the page into the brand new year.

And for the first week of January, that usually remains the case. Most of our greetings toward one another include that famous phrase as we kick off a bright and prosperous new year.

As January rolls on, however, we slowly start dropping the phrase as a part of our greeting. Usually, by the time we get through January, most are no longer saying happy new year.

Before we dive into the reasoning behind why we should say happy new year all year long, let's first see where you stand as to when you think we should stop uttering the famous phrase.

Do you think within a few days, or should we go longer than that? Sound out below, and then we'll go into why all of us should greet each other with a happy new year at any time of the year.

Now that we know what we all think, let's get into the reasoning behind why we should say a happy new year to one another at any point throughout the year.

Just to be clear, this wasn't conducted by using any official data. In fact, this idea of saying happy new year all season long came from my 7-year-old twin sons.

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Only a week into the new year, I decided to ask them when they thought we should stop saying that famous phrase. They always seem to have an interesting opinion and I was curious.

For me, I typically would say mid-January. In my opinion, that's usually the perfect time to phase the happy new year's out and resume life with just a simple hello and goodbye.

So when both of my sons said we should say it always, I had to know why. What was the logic behind their reasoning?

Whelp, it was really quite simple. We're mainly happy to start a brand new year, and we should always be happy all year long.

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As for the word new? It just means we can always try something new. So to them, the phrase is very positive, and I honestly never thought of it that way before.

We all know most of us won't keep our resolutions, but we can at least attempt to be happy from month to month. So try something different with a smile and have a happy new year, all year long.

And although I don't think most would agree to say happy new year all year long, I do think most of us can agree on the logic behind it. Be happy and keep trying new things.

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