A school bus driver in Old Bridge was caught on video texting while driving students. She was suspended, and I'd have to assume if there's a shred of logic left in the world she will be fired. The superintendent, David Cittadino said he was “deeply disturbed by this lack of concern for student safety by an adult who must know better.”

When even adults are doing this, it reminds me we all need a bucket of cold water thrown in our faces once in awhile. There was a video put out by AT&T that served as a dark warning of what you're really risking when you text and drive. The video is so powerful that back in 2011 Somerset County offered it as an alternative to paying your fine for texting while driving tickets. They would waive your fine if you would simply agree to watch this short video. I wrote about this back then, and urged parents to have their kids watch it.

In the 6 years since, about 18,000 people have died nationally from distracted driving. Here in New Jersey hundreds of lives have been laid to waste because of glancing at a phone. None of them had to happen. So these 6 years and many thousands of deaths later, I wanted to offer this one more time.

Please watch this video. After you do, please share this with your children. Please share this with everyone you would like to see live. It's only a few minutes long, the stories are completely real, and it may be one of the most powerful things you'll ever see.

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