At this writing, the manhunt continues for Steve Stephens of Cleveland. He is the man who allegedly shot the video of himself shooting an elderly man on the streets of Cleveland.

There were even unconfirmed sightings of him just across the river from us in Philadelphia. He is of course armed and dangerous and hopefully will be captured by the time you read this and before he can do anymore harm.

Did you look online for the video? Did you watch the video? Should you be prosecuted and put in jail if you did? Why not?

How is that different from watching child porn? One is a sick and despicable act on a child and one is the ultimate crime of cold blooded, random murder. The argument is made for prosecuting people who watch child porn that they create a market for it by watching.

So do you create a market for watching violence and murder on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms? Shouldn't you be prosecuted as well by the same logic? Shouldn't Facebook or other live streaming apps be held liable if it's proven the perpetrator did it for the attention?

I am in no way making an argument for the sick people who watch child porn. But we expend an awful lot of time and resources on catching people who view it?

Should we spend the same amount of legal resources to catch people who get some sort of satisfaction watching the perhaps equally reprehensible real violence or murder online?

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