A young girl traveling from Dublin to New Jersey suffered an allergic reaction to nuts while she was on the plane.

Flickr user: Dan4th

The plane was sent back to Ireland after she was given a shot of adrenaline. The family thought they would be flying back to New Jersey on a nut free plane, but United Airlines could not accommodate them because they do not practice a 'nut free' policy.

Should all planes be required to follow a nut free policy to prevent incidents like this from happening? Nut allergies are extremely common, and the severity of the allergy varies from case to case. Some people can have a reaction just from the smell of nuts, but some will only go into shock if they ingest them.

If such a policy were to be followed, would other modifications need to be made for those who suffer from other allergies?

Do you think a 'nut free' policy should be enforced on all airlines?