Please McDonald’s, we’ve been onto your little game for years.

You guys are the king of the product tease. Here’s a flatbread chicken sandwich. Oooh, sorry, limited time only. Hey, it’s back! No, wait, only for two days 4 hours and 5 seconds.

Your McRib is the ultimate “Legally Blond” bend and snap. You might as well have strip club music in your McRib is back ads for how shamelessly obvious you are with all this teasing.

Perhaps the thing that started it all is being advertised again, the Shamrock Shake. It is available “for a limited time only” (yeah, thanks McDonald’s, we are well aware) at “participating restaurants” as of President’s Day.

Oh my God! It’s back?! But only a limited time?! Gosh, golly I had better get there NOW, huh?

Oh, and welcomed to the stripper pole on the adjoining tease stage in 2020 was Shamrock Shake’s little slutty sister Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. (Yeah, as if that’s her real name.) It, too, will be gone in a hurry.

Look, McDonald’s, we get it. It’s business, nothing personal, all this teasing. But we are pandemic-hardened now. We are used to, heck NUMB to, not having things we want due to supply chain issues, labor shortages and transportation problems.

We’ve waited eight months for a refrigerator and had to accept a white one. We’re still waiting on new cars six months down the road over chip shortages. We had to go without cream cheese for our bagels and this happened in New Jersey for crying out loud.

Do you really think your teasing days are endless?

But if people must be teased once more here’s a link on how to find a nearby participating McDonald’s.

Oooh, there’s one right on Reaville. Hmm. That’s 2 miles from my house. And that Oreo Shamrock McFlurry does look enticing. I wonder if she likes older guys?

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