Each year the National UFO Reporting Center compiles a list of UFO sightings. Last year in New Jersey, there were 51 of them. This is not to say they all remain on the "undetermined" list. For example one sighting that resulted in multiple people reporting proved to be a Union Township Police drone.

Others...who knows?

Follow this link for a list of all reported Jersey sightings last year and for many years before. If you click on the date/time column it will open up more details about each sighting. Warning, you can lose track of time getting addicted to this.

Here's just one example from this past November.

Occurred : 11/11/2018 00:15 (Entered as : 11/11/18 12:15)
Reported: 11/11/2018 12:37:41 AM 00:37
Posted: 11/24/2018
Location: Cape May, NJ
Shape: Oval
Small lightening bolt that changed form to a perfect zero with purple flares.

Took the telescope out. It was 12:15 in the morning. I saw a yellow “star.” This object was only visible through my telescope. This object was moving erratically. In all different directions and looked like a small lightning bolt that didn’t go out. However, multiple times this object would widen itself and make the shape of a perfect zero. And when it was the shape of a zero, purple flares would shoot out of it. And it was so fast. It never stopped moving. About 2 hours afterwards, I checked again and it was still there. Only much, much smaller. I’m hesitant to share the exact location of this. It was, very peculiar. 

I’ve been taking my telescope out for over 10 years. Never saw anything like this. I’ve seen comets, planets, satellites, everything. This, is unexplainable.

I respect this person for leaving it at "unexplainable" and not drawing any unearthly conclusions. This next one sounds like someone who is already sold on alien life forms visiting us.

Occurred : 7/15/2018 21:00 (Entered as : 071518 21:00)
Reported: 7/17/2018 11:43:57 AM 11:43
Posted: 7/19/2018
Location: Bordentown, NJ
Shape: Diamond
Aliens See in Bordentown NJ Skys

I was driving from Browns Mills, NJ, and heading to Bordentown, NJ. I notice the moon was a finger nail shape and a object was next to it. so I told my husband we watched as it did not move. And when we got to Bordentown. and noticed it was still there, looked to the left there was another one, and to the right of us was another one up in the sky. far away but they was up there. just standing still as can be. we noticed a lot of flight traffic for a sunday night as well. but these things where not fazed and was above all that flight traffic. So we drove home and they was still there and we pass the airbase on the way. So its weird. but Its a little creepy but I wish our government would just say yes there are aliens. so we know what to expect when we come face to face with them. we seen the lights and seen them as plain as day at night.

I don't know what to believe. I'm not going to mock anyone who claims to have had an experience that I simply never had. All I know is I've lived in New Jersey a long time and the only aliens I've seen are the illegal kind.

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