The Jet Star roller coaster is still sitting off the Seaside Heights coastline with waves splashing on its metal frame, after its tumble from Casino Pier nearly six months ago during Sandy.

It's probably the defining image of Superstorm Sandy's wrath.

Jet Star roller coaster in the ocean off Seaside Heights (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Jet Star roller coaster in the ocean off Seaside Heights (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers says, even though the roller coaster's removal is a private contract, he's confident it will be gone before Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kickoff of the summer tourism season. He says the contract is signed and work is expected to take up to four days.

"That's removing the roller coaster and also the wet debris that might be in there underneath the roller coaster."

Akers says the contractors are in the process of watching the marine weather charts right now, making sure they get three to four consecutive days of calm water.

"Once they start the job, they don't stop until it's completed. So this job will go right around the clock, 24 hours."

Casino Pier Spokeswoman Maria Mastoris confirms what Mayor Akers says.Mastoris says they're hoping the project will be started soon, but says there are a number of things that have to be considered before the removal can begin.

"Everything takes a process," Mastoris said. "There's a whole detailed plan of how it's gonna work and safety and everything like that."

Mastoris says Casino Pier has made progress in getting its boardwalk amusement park up and running.

"The water park (should be fully open by Memorial Day), our go carts are fully open and we're hoping to have at least half the rides up for Memorial Day."

Akers says Seaside Heights rebuilding efforts seem to be right on schedule and says people will be pleasantly surprised when they visit during the Memorial Day weekend.

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