Whenever I'm confronted by a particularly vile, angry human being, I try to turn my anger and disgust into empathy. Such is the case with the American Atheists headquartered in Cranford.

One of their members went to the Bergen County Animal Shelter to adopt a pet and she was "confronted" by a religious ceremony where a Franciscan friar was blessing the animals. She was so offended by the act that she reported back to her pals at American Atheists and they've decided to sue the shelter and the county.

They claim by having the friar there, the county is endorsing a particular religion, violating the constitution, blah, blah, blah, blah.

They could choose to ignore it and chuckle under their breath at the pathetic people who believe in a higher power, or ask that other religions be represented. But NO! In typical atheist fascist fashion they have to stop this horrible offense to their sensibilities and their beloved Constitution.

The Constitution prohibits government from making any law that establishes of an official religion. Clearly the shelter is neither making any laws or establishing any religion. The American Atheists should continue to snicker at us poor fools that believe in a higher power, adopt a pet who will love them because very few if any humans will, and go the f--- home!

I will continue to have them in my prayers, not so they may find faith in a deity, but that they may find peace in their hearts. Imagine the suffering these poor souls must have endured to want to deny some animal lovers the joy of thinking their animals will have a higher power looking after them. In the words of our current President....Sad!

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