You don't change your team no matter what. One of the many side stories to this week's Giants-Jets matchup is the one where Giant running back Saquon Barkley's father will wear a Joe Namath jersey, while watching his son play and root for both teams, reports.

Alibay Barkley is a life-long Jets fan. So much so that, according to the report, he has a Jets tattoo and the jersey was given to him by Saquon a long time ago. I totally understand this.

I spent 17 years talking sports on the station in Philadelphia that carries the Eagles, and I do it as a Giants fan. I was advised by colleagues that it would be much easier for me to renounce my team, but I just couldn't do it. Actually, I wouldn't do it. And because I didn't do it, I gained the respect of my audience. I also maintained my self-respect.

When you're a fan of your team you stay with that team forever. I've been a Giants fan all my life. I fully expect to have the Giants team logo hanging over my death bed and be buried wearing a jersey under my black suit.

That's why, as a father, I worried about what teams my sons would choose. I want them to experience their teams winning championships and not the weekly anxiety you go through when they constantly lose like we're going through now.

Although, should one of my boys actually end up turning pro and play against the Giants ... I would wear his jersey.