It's arguably the most important forecast of the year — how will the weather be for Santa Claus's visit to New Jersey Tuesday night into Wednesday?

If you're among the residents who long for a white Christmas, this is not your year ... once again. But that's good news for kids on Santa's nice list who want to make sure the big man has a clear path to and through New Jersey, with no interruptions related to Mother Nature.

"Things look all clear for Santa's big arrival here in the Garden State," said New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow. "Just as we've seen over the past several days, we'll have a chilly night with a fairly mild day, with highs in the 40s for Christmas Day, some clouds, and dry weather all around."

Weather-wise, New Jersey will have a "silent night," Zarrow quipped.

And while a white Christmas — defined by having 1 or more inches of snow on the ground in the morning — may be "magical" for some folks in New Jersey, it's not happening in 2019, Zarrow said.

"But of course that does mean that travel conditions, both for Santa Claus and the rest of us, will be nice and easy this year," Zarrow said.

The last statewide white Christmas occurred in 2009 when many parts of the state were covered in at least six inches of snow that fell earlier in the week, according to State Climatologist David Robinson at Rutgers University.

Robinson said approximately 20% of Christmas mornings are "white" in Central Jersey. It's closer to 40% in northwest New Jersey. Looking back 120 years, the 1960s had the most white Christmases (five) of any decade, Robinson said.

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