JEFFERSON — “All construction is still on or ahead of schedule for a complete reopening before the July 19th hard deadline set by NJDOT,” Jefferson Township Mayor Eric Wilsusen said Tuesday on Facebook regarding the Route 15 southbound bridge closure. His full post can be found here.

Since early June, the 124-year-old bridge has been closed off after “movement in the structure” was discovered, according to NJDOT.

July 19 is its tight deadline to complete a temporary two-lane bridge, and according to the project milestones visual found here, workers are leveling approaches to the bridge until the end of this week.

“For people living on the diversionary routes, it’s a problem. People who live on those roads will feel it 24/7 for the next six weeks,” Mayor Wilsusen said to in June.

During this weeks-long endeavor, dozens of local businesses, such as Tap House 15 and Café On The Way, are also a short distance from the construction site.

A long-term solution is not being forgotten, according to NJDOT. On top of this, efforts will press on to replace the original, which started during summer 2022.

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